We are very pleased to present our keynote speaker for the conference:


Brigitte Baptiste, Universidad Ean, Colombia

Britgitte is a Colombian cultural landscape ecologist and an expert on environmental issues and biodiversity in Colombia. A engaging speaker and LGBTQI* activist Baptiste has raised awareness that cultural diversity is part of nature’s diversity. 


Sabine Gabrysch, Institute of Public Health at Charité Berlin, Germany

Sabine is a German medical doctor and epidemiologist with a specialization in Global Health. She holds the professorship of Climate Change and Health at the Institute of Public Health of the Charité in Berlin, where she focuses on Planetary Health and the health impacts of human-induced environmental change.


Peter Elias, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Peter Elias is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Geography, and Team Lead of Lagos Urban Studies Group at University of Lagos, he is also Co-Chair CODATA WDS Task Group and West African Coordinator of Citizen Science Africa Association. His interests focus on urbanization, environment, sustainable development, SDGs and citizen science data.